Carrère was my grandmother's last name and I've been wanting to incorporate it in my life somehow for a long time, and what better way to keep her memory alive than with flowers. 

My grandmother used to always have fresh flowers in every room of the house and keep an English garden.  I learned to appreciate her and my mothers passion for flowers from an early age, with flowers on our birthday cakes and sweet smelling bouquets by our beds.  Flowers have always been an important part of my family, from my grandmother's garden, to the heirloom blooms my mother grows, and even to my daughter whom we nicknamed "Flower".  

I am inspired by the cold Northern California light, the fog and rawness of the coast, and love to bring warmth and movement into spaces by sourcing seasonal flowers and combining them with locally foraged berries, leaves,  & textural elements.

My goal is to create inspired arrangements as unique as you - because no two people, occasions or events are ever the same - and neither should the florals.

I am honored to have had my work featured on B.Loved Blog  and Joywed


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